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Shooting Helicopter Charters

Whatever your game of choice the UK is home to a whole host of fine shooting locations.Often these are hundreds of miles apart at opposite ends of the country, making getting to some of them incredibly difficult. However, if you travel by helicopter charter, any shooting location in the country opens up to you.

Get to your next shoot faster and more comfortably. No more long drives across the country to get where you need to be. Get in touch with Apollo Air Services today and one of our representatives will guide you through the process and give you a no-obligation shooting charter quote. We have bases at Carlisle Lake District Airport, Cardiff Heliport and Leeds East Airport, so wherever you are in the country and wherever you want to go we’re never too far away. Give us a call on 0800 118 2253 to find out more about our helicopter charter services or get a quote.

Why should you travel by helicopter charter to your next shooting event?

The obvious benefit of going anywhere by helicopter is speed. If you choose an Apollo Air Services helicopter charter to get to your next shooting event, you’ll get there in record time. You’ll also enjoy these other benefits:

  • Avoid getting stuck in traffic - there are few things more frustrating than being stuck behind an endless stream of cars. Especially when you have somewhere you want to be. By taking to the skies instead, you avoid all the traffic below so you can get to your location faster and stress-free, ready to make the most of the day.
  • Get to remote locations - often the best game is located in the middle of nowhere. Our pilots are experts at getting to and landing in remote locations. So no matter how far removed your preferred location is, we’ll get you there.
  • Enjoy scenery en route - one of the benefits of going to remote areas is the scenery you’ll get to enjoy on the way. Although your helicopter charter will be quick, you’ll still get opportunity to look at the sprawling countryside on the way.

Why use Apollo Air Services for your shooting helicopter charter?

  • All weather helicopters - our entire fleet of helicopters is suitable to fly in poor weather conditions. All of our pilots are instrument rated also, so they’re able to fly at night as well as in adverse weather. So, whatever the weather or time of day, there’ll be nothing to stop you getting to your next shoot.
  • Luxury - at Apollo Air Services, we endeavour to give you a truly personal charter service. When you use our service, you and your party will feel very special indeed. All of our helicopters are fitted with luxury seating, so you can be sure the journey to your shoot will be comfortable.
  • Safety - making sure our clients are safe is our main priority. Between them, our pilots have tens of thousands of hours of accident-free flight time so, you’ll feel safe in their hands. Our crew members also adhere to a comprehensive training programme including annual tests on a full motion AgustaWestland AW 109SP simulator. We take every measure to ensure we meet or exceed all EASA regulatory requirements.

Want to get to your next shoot day faster and without hassle? Get in touch with Apollo Air Services today and we’ll give you all the information you need about our shooting charter services. Give us a call on 0800 118 2253 to speak to us sooner.

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