G-SKBL – Agusta A109S

A109 – The ultimate in luxury, safety and speed

G-SKBL (image above is an A109S not specifically G-SKBL) is an A109S. The A109S (Grand) is a light-weight, twin-engine, eight-seat (7 passengers plus 1 crew) helicopter  first built in the early 70’s and operated within the charter market ever since. The 109 Grand is the is the predecessor to the A109SP (Grand New) and carries many of the newer aircrafts best traits, it offers a luxurious environment and a cruise speed better than anything else in class. With room for seven passengers the A109S is as versatile as it is quick, call us now to discuss chartering one of the greatest helicopters of our time.

Aircraft information


Twin Engine – Required for public transport in poor weather and at night.

IFR – Able to fly in poor weather and operate in and above the cloud layer with only one pilot (SPIFR)



With an endurance of approximately 2.5 hours (depending on configuration and passenger load) the A109 offers a very impressive 400+nm range.


The A109 is the Ferrari of the sky’s, with a cruise speed of approximately 150kts (in excess of 175MPH) the 109 will get you where you need to be quicker than almost any other civilian helicopters.